Heidi Allan Wellness Practitioner

Alternative Health and Emotional Healing

Emotional Coach

Emotional intuitive counseling is healing. It helps your spirit heal and gives direction to the decisions that you are trying to make. It helps you take a quantum leap, accelerate your spiritual and emotional growth, live life with more joy and harmony. Everyone can benefit from emotional coaching regardless of beliefs. The energy is accessible to all.

How Emotional Coaching is done:

  • First:  clearing of blockages and balancing of meridians

  • Second: The Use of  Dr. Klinghardt’s Signal Enhancers to enhance resonance and amplify light (all energies are made of light) and the use of a brass dowser to pick up subtle energies.

  • Third: Spiritual clearing

  • Fourth: Accessing the innate for direction and instruction

$50.00 per hour of work

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